Map: Regions of Germany
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Overview of Germany
Index to the Regional Maps

The coin-issuing states of late-medieval and early-modern Germany
are shown here on 24 regional maps identified by letter codes ranging
from A to X. Please select a map from the following table or by picking
a large blue letter on the overview map that follows.

A     Schlesien (Silesia) M     Hessen
BBöhmen (Bohemia) NRhine
CMähren (Moravia) OMünster
DÖsterreich (Austria) PBremen
EKärnthen (Carinthia) QHolstein
FTirol and Salzburg RMecklenburg
GBayern (Bavaria) SBraunschweig (Brunswick)
HNürnberg TSachsen (Saxony)
IBaden and Würtemberg          UBrandenburg
JSwitzerland VPommern (Pommerania)
KAlsace and Lorraine WPreussen (Prussia)
LPfalz and Trier XBaltic States