Double Arms
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Double Arms
---  A.  Heller - Uniface, Other  ---
(6 Coins)

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A. Heller - Uniface, Other        D. Groschen
B. Pfennig E. Schilling - Franconia
C. Dreier F. Others

10.   Schlesien
Ferdinand I 1526-64
heller (14 mm), 1528
double arms above F
<date> F
89.   Krossen (city)
Civic Issues
heller (14 mm), no date
C below double arms
566.   Henneberg (counts)
Johann II Abt v Fulda 1472-1507
heller (14 mm), no date
double arms , I below
573.   Henneberg (counts)
Wilhelm V (in Schleusingen) 1480-1559
heller (13 mm), no date
double arms , W below
578.   Würzburg (bishops)
Johann I v Egloffstein 1400-11
heller (13 mm), no date
double arms , N below
Neustadt_ mint
2471.   Erfurt (city)
Civic Issues
heller (12 mm), 1600
double arms
<date> E