Saurmasche Coin Type Summary
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Coin Types
In the Saurmasche Münzsammlung


Multiple Figures
2 Angels       
2 Figures
2 Figures Plus Child

Single Figures
Angel Above Arms        Figure With Shield        Seated Abbotess       
Archbishop Figure With 2 Shields Seated Figure
Bishop Figure On Horseback Seated Ruler
Emperor Harpy Standing Figure
Figure Above Arms Kneeling Figure Standing Ruler
Figure Above Large Arms Maid Wildman
Figure Above Double Arms Master Winged Figure

Saints and Named Individuals
Carl V        St. Dionysius        St. Lambert        St. Quirinus       
Charlemagne St. Elizabeth St. Laurentius St. Reinold
Christ St. George St. Leodigarius St. Rudbertus
Madonna St. Gotthard St. Leopold St. Sebastian
Magi St. Hedwig St. Liborius St. Simon
Saint With Small Church St. Helena St. Ludgerus St. Stephen
Saul St. Henry St. Luke St. Theobaldus
Solomon St. Hubertus St. Magnus St. Theodolus
St. Andrew St. Jakobus St. Martin St. Ulrich
St. Anna St. Joachim St. Matthias St. Ursus
St. Bernhard St. John St. Mauritius St. Vincentius
St. Boniface St. John's St. Nicholaus St. Vitus
St. Christopher St. John Of Montfort St. Oswald St. Walpurga
St. Conrad St. Jude St. Paul St. Wenceslaus
St. Corbianus St. Kilian St. Pelagius St. Willibaldus
St. Cunigunda St. Ladislaus St. Peter St. Wolfgang

Busts to Waist
Bust To Waist        Bust To Waist Sceptre "10"       
Bust To Waist Orb "10" Bust To Waist Sceptre "3"
Bust To Waist Orb "30" Bust To Waist Sword
Bust To Waist Sceptre

Busts and Heads
Bust        Crowned Bust        Head        Ruffed Bust "3"       
Bust Left Crowned Bust Left Head In 6-lobe Small Bust
Bust "36" Crowned Bust "2" Head Left 2 Busts
Bust "3" Crowned Bust "3" Head With Crozier 2 Facing Busts
Bust Above Arms Crowned Facing Bust Mitered Bust 3 Busts
Bust Within Date Crowned Facing Head Mitered Facing Bust 4 Busts
Bust In Portal Crowned Ruffed Bust Mitered Facing Head
Bust With Sword Facing Bust Monk's Head
Busts On Both Sides Facing Head Ruffed Bust

Human Arms and Hands
Arm        Praying Hands       
Arm With Sword From Clouds 5 Hands


Lion        Lion In 4-lobe        3 Lions       
Bohemian Lion Lion In Polylobe 4 Lions
Lion Bearing Arms Lion In Shield Lions In Shield
Lion "3" 2 Lions Lions In Shields

Eagle        Silesian Eagle        Eagle's Body       
Brandenburg Eagle Small Eagle Half Eagle
City Eagle Double Eagle Eagle Wielding Sword
Polish Eagle Imperial Eagle

Eagles Inscribed on Breast
Arms On Eagle        Imperial Eagle "3"        Imperial Eagle "12"        Eagle "24"       
Arms On Double Eagle Imperial Eagle "4" Eagle "16" Imperial Eagle "30"
Imperial Eagle "1" Imperial Eagle "6" Imperial Eagle "16" Imperial Eagle "vi"
Imperial Eagle "2/15" Imperial Eagle "8" Double Eagle "1/16" Letter On Eagle
Imperial Eagle "2" Imperial Eagle "10" Imperial Eagle "18 1/2" Letter S On Eagle
Eagle "3" Eagle "12" Imperial Eagle "20"

Eagles in Shields or Polylobes
Eagle In Shield        Eagle In 4-lobe       
Double Eagle In Shield Eagle In Polylobe
Double Eagle In Trilobe

Multiple Eagles
2 Eagles        Imperial Eagle Above Arms       
4 Eagles Eagle On Helmet
Eagle Above Arms Eagle And Orb "12"
Double Eagle Above Arms Eagle And Orb "3"

Other Animals
Bear        Fish        Ibis With Snake        Swan With Shield
Deer Griffin Lamb Of God
Dog Horse Ram
Dragons Ibex Swan

Animals' Heads
Bear's Head        Griffin's Head       
Bird's Head Crowned Griffin's Head
Boar's Head 3 Griffin's Heads
Dog's Head Steer's Head

Parts of Animals
Bear's Paw        Griffin's Claw       
Bear's Paws Griffin's Claws
Deer's Antler Stag's Antlers
Deer's Horns Stag's Horns

Branch        Flower        Lily-tipped        Rosette       
Branches Garland Linden Seeblat
Bush Grapes Nettle Leaf Seeblats
Cedar Nut Half Leaves Nettle Leaves Shamrocks
Clover Large Rose Rose Shrub
Clover Leaves Leaf Roses Tree
Clover Stalks Leaves 2 Roses Wreath
Cloverleaf Lily 4 Roses Wreath "84"

Fleur-de-lis        Fleurs-de-lis        12 Fleurs-de-lis
Fleur-de-lis In 4-lobe 9 Fleurs-de-lis 14 Fleurs-de-lis
Fleur-de-lis In 6-lobe 11 Fleurs-de-lis Double Fleur-de-lis


Single Coats of Arms
Arms        4-part Arms        Family Arms       
Shield 5-part Arms Order's Arms
2-part Arms Multi-part Arms Letter In Shield
3-part Arms City Arms Letters In Shield

Multiple Coats of Arms
Arms On Both Sides        3 Arms Base-to-base        4 Arms 3 Over 1       
Double Arms 3 Arms 1 Over 2 4 Small Arms
2 Arms 3 Arms 2 Over 1 5 Arms
2 Small Arms 3 Small Arms 6 Small Arms
3 Arms 4 Arms 8 Small Arms
3 Arms Tip-to-tip 4 Arms Tip-to-tip 13 Arms
Tip-to-tip 4 Arms 1-2-1 16 Arms

Letters and Dates with Arms
Letter Above Arms        Letter Above Double Arms       
Letters Above Arms Date Above Double Arms
Date Above Arms Letter Above 3 Arms

Borders around Arms
Arms In Trilobe        Arms In 5-lobe        Double Arms In Diamond       
Double Arms In Trilobe Arms In 6-lobe Arms In Chain
Arms In 4-lobe Arms In 8-lobe Arms With Rays
Shield In 4-lobe Arms In Polylobe
Double Arms In 4-lobe Arms In Diamond

Multiple Arms in Borders
3 Arms In Trilobe        4 Arms Symbol In 4-lobe       
3 Arms Symbol In Trilobe 5 Arms In 4-lobe
4 Arms In Trilobe

Arms with Numerals or Orb
Arms "2"       
Arms "3"
Arms "8"
Arms Under Orb

Arms with Headgear
Crowned Arms        Helmeted Arms        Helmeted Arms In 4-lobe       
Crowned Double Arms 2 Helmets On Arms Mitered Arms
Crowned Arms In Chain 3 Helmets On Arms Mitered Double Arms
Crowned Arms In Trilobe Helmeted Double Arms Hat 2 Arms In Trilobe

Arms Cantoned in Cross
Cross Arms        Long Cross Arms        Cross 4 Arms        Long Cross 5 Arms
Floral Cross Arms Double Cross Arms Floral Cross 4 Arms
Short Cross Arms Tall Cross 2 Arms Long Cross 4 Arms
Medium Cross Arms Cross 3 Arms And Symbol Floral Cross 5 Arms


Cross        Tall Cross        Jerusalem Cross        2-armed Cross       
Simple Cross Cross Moline Ornamented Cross Double-armed Cross
Short Cross Cross Pierced Patriarchal Cross Double Cross
Medium Cross Floral Cross St. Andrew's Cross
Long Cross Forked Cross Y-shaped Cross

Crosses in Borders
Cross In 4-lobe       
Floral Cross In 4-lobe
Cross In 8-lobe

Crosses with Inscriptions
Double Cross "1"        Cross "32"       
Cross "12" Cross "64"
Cross "16" Letter On Cross

Crosses with Cantonments
Cross Cantoned       
Letters In Cross
Cross 4 Fleurs-de-lis
Long Cross 4 Fleurs-de-lis

Orb        Orb In Wreath        Orb "28"        Orb "75"       
Orb In 4-lobe Orb "1/60" Orb "2" Orb "84"
Orb In 6-lobe Orb "128" Orb "32" Orb "8"
Orb In Diamond Orb "12" Orb "3" Orb "96"
Orb In Polylobe Orb "16" Orb "6
Orb In Shield Orb "21" Orb "64"
Orb In Trilobe Orb "24" Orb "6"


Crown        Helmet Left        Bishop's Cap       
Crowns 2 Helmets Cardinal's Hat
3 Crowns 3 Helmets Miter
Helmet Hat

Bridge        Chatel        House        Towers       
Canopy Church Obelisk 3 Towers
Cassius-church Column Pillar
Castle Gateway Portal
Cathedral Gothic Portal Tower

Banners, staffs, etc.
Banner        Crossed Hooks        Lances        Spear Points       
Banners Key Lance Tip Staff
Crozier Keys Mace Staffs
Flags Crossed Keys Sceptre Basel-staff
Hooks? Key Sword 8 Sceptres Sword

Stars, Moons, etc.
Halo        Sun And Moon        Star        3 Stars
Moons Ray Of Light Stars 4 Stars
Half Moons Rays Of Light Half Star
Waning Moon Rays 2 Stars

Miscellaneous objects
Boat        Cross-tipped        Lozenges        Symbol At Lower Left       
Briquettes Hearts Mule Shoes Throne
Bushel Heraldic Figure Pellets Virgilius
Candle Holy Trinity Plow Wall?
Chain Horseshoe Ring 3 Waves
Checkered Hunting Horn Sheep-shears Wheel
Clover-tipped Label Stream X


Letters and Inscriptions
Date        Letter        Letters Ds        Monogram
Denomination Letter S Crowned Letter Crowned Monogram
Inscription Sideways S Crowned Letter S Roman Numeral
Double Inscription Letters Crowned Letters Script

Trefoil        6-lobe        Triangle
Trilobe Polylobe Diamond
4-lobe Oval Square

Monetary Features
Celebration Money        Emergency Money        Reformation Jubilee       
Church Token Galvano Reproduction
Copper Imitation Restrike
Counterfeit Inflation Money Unclear
Countermark Misstruck